See All Five Creepy-Ass TV Spots For The Blood-curdling Upcoming Movie “Mama” (2013) Right Here… Baby!

The TV spots for one of the most-anticipated fright flicks of 2013, Mama  (opening on January 18, there’s even a “countdown” box at the bottom of our homepage, along with another counting down the days till the next episode of American Horror Story Asylum), probably already has your attention. Mama  (the movie, not the creature itself) also started its own You Tube channel, which helpfully groups them all together on a playlist. Everything else You Tube has on Mama is already up on Horror Boom, including the first sleep-with-the-lights-on trailer, the original short film (no sleep whether the lights are on OR off, we’re heard expressed) the second freaky trailer with alternate footage, and the new re-cut version of the short film that Guillermo Del Toro introduces. The original short film Mamá  (which is always on our stats as one of the top ten ‘most viewed’ pretty much every day) is the version we found most nightmarish, for what it’s worth. There’s some new footage in these spots as well. Check out the playlist for the TV spots below, after dark if you’re feeling brave…

Speaking of feeling brave, we’re adding new ‘screen grabs’ from the TV spots tomorrow (as well as more links), because we are already  up very late and would like to get some sleep tonight. They’ll show soon. Just need to wait till we wake up and the sun is still up… till then, here’s a couple familiar ones.

This still is from the Mama Trailer, not the short below-but I thought it was worth including...

If I walked into a deserted cabin and laid eyes on the sight depicted in the below still, I’d just back quietly out of the room, out of the house, briskly go home, and call 911 (even though you should never walk backwards in a horror movie, would YOU turn your back to these feral creatures?


2 thoughts on “See All Five Creepy-Ass TV Spots For The Blood-curdling Upcoming Movie “Mama” (2013) Right Here… Baby!

  1. I thought the movie was very good, chilling, with very little blood. Mama may be the villainess of the story, but she is a victim. The asylum did not help her and she just wanted to have her baby. When 3 year old Victoria and 1 year old Lilly entered her house, she saw her chance even though the denial of motherhood drove her to suicide. The reason she became angry was because Victoria was turning against her and she just wanted her “babies” back. Mama was the only parent Lilly knew from age one to six and she doesn’t remember her birth mom, so any mother, even a long dead one is better than no mother at all!

    • Alas, I had to skip reading most of your comment because we’re not seeing it till tonight and I’d like the backstory to be a surprise, but I read lots of reviews that talked about how at the end, Mama had a sad past that explained why her spirit was still fighting to protect the girls. It sounds like a lot of South Korean or Japanese, or Thai ghost horror based on a vengeful female spirit, who is usually pretty goddamned scary but there’s always a sort of melancholy tone… when you hear about all the tragedy leading to her death… really sad. I’m mainly seeing it because I love a great ghost story (done right) but a couple reviews I read said to bring Kleenex because the end made them shed a tear or two. I’ll read the rest of your comment after I see it, the TV ads seem like they gave away enough! I’m pretty sure I’ll scream during the scene they took fro the short movie where she comes WHOOSHING at the camera from the other room at lightning speed, even though I’ll know it’s coming! I’ve watched the short maybe a dozen times since September since I wrote about it so much, it still makes me nervous to watch in the dark. I heard the two little girls are amazing actresses… really psyched to go!

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