Sneak Peek – Watch The First Four Minutes Of Zom-Rom-Com “Warm Bodies” (2013) Plus The Latest Trailer

When we first heard about–no, when we first simply saw  the poster for Warm Bodies,  we rolled our eyes. Welp, here we go again, yet another jump on the zombie-romantic-comedy bandwagon, because no-one’s done THAT yet.  After watching the first four minutes, though, we might not even wait for DVD… and we almost always wait for DVD with PG-13 comedies unless someone we are really big fans of has at least a supporting role.

Screen shot 2012-12-28 at 12.47.36 AM

Check out the first four minutes below; among other things, it boasts some impressive cinematography (and a pretty good semi-“face-off”). Oh, and yep, that is Rob Cordry as the sidekick of the lead character, “R”.

Here’s the official plot blurb: A funny new twist on a classic love story, Jonathan Levine‘s Warm Bodies  is a poignant tale about the power of human connection. After a zombie epidemic, R (a highly unusual zombie) encounters Julie (a human survivor), and rescues her from a zombie attack. Julie sees that R is different from the other zombies, and as the two form a special relationship in their struggle for survival, R becomes increasingly more human – setting off an exciting, romantic, and often comical chain of events that begins to transform the other zombies and maybe even the whole lifeless world.

If you haven’t seen the theatrical trailer yet, you can check it out here…

Warm Bodies opens on February 1st, 2013. The official Facebook page for the film is pretty well-stocked. Plus, we gotta give any zom-com movie trailer that actually features a song by The Troggs some credit! We’ve got the record.

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According to the IMDB, the film is based loosely on “Romeo and Juliet“. “R” = “Romeo”; “Julia” = “Juliet; “Perry” = “Paris”; “M/Marcus” = “Mercutio“; “Nora” = Juliet’s “Nurse” (the character of Nora is also a nurse).

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