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So, when we do our stats/analytics, I see a lot of search terms that bug me. Not because they’re lame questions, or lazy, or anything like that. I just want to blurt out the answer, since I’m extremely well-informed about American Horror Story (Season One, AKA “Murder House”, and Asylum, the current season. I was going to take every single question (OK, maybe just 20 or so) and answer them all in one post, but why don’t we try this first…  I will also give up spoilers; sometimes I don’t always feel like it’s cool to toss them up on Horror Boom. You should have heard me last Saturday at a large Holiday Bash, one person started asking me about what happened to Shelley after “I Am Anne Frank – Part Two” and despite the amount of drinks in me, I was able to be very articulate, and in fact go into lengthy, vivid, and surprisingly accurate detail. A couple of friends turned out to watch the show, and at some point after the bands were finished but before “Last Call”, people were actually coming up to me to talk/speculate about it, some wanted spoilers, some wanted hints. For some reason, telling anyone anything spoiler-ish who asked me to was really fun.

I could still just put up a FAQ like I first thought, but here’s an idea to try first.

Your question gets sent to us via email. We don’t always have time to check Horror Boom’s G-mail account every day, so allow some time for a response – though if we get a lot of these, we will start checking more frequently.

Nope, I do NOT mind waiting for the fresh popcorn.

Nope, I do NOT mind waiting several minutes for the fresh batch of popcorn. Really, no hurry at all…

New American Horror Story Asylum Official Featurette – Makeup/Gore Effects for Face-Chewed-Off Scene in “Unholy Night’ – Watch Behind The Scenes Here!

“Unholy Night” was pretty much gold from start to finish, but I especially loved this scene (a flashback from 1963 that shows how Leigh “Psycho Santa” Emerson got tossed in ‘the hole’ to start with). I actually thought he’d bitten off part of the poor orderly’s nose,  too. You can tell Ian McShane really sunk his teeth into had fun filming the scene, too. Take a peek!

Looks like the whole crew had fun filming it, too. There were so many great scenes (in fact, I can’t think of any dull moments) in the Christmas episode, and this bit was just the icing on the goddamned cake! I loved the fact that everything went wrong at the worst possible moment. Leigh tells Sister Jude if she won’t take off his shackles, he doesn’t want to be in her shitty picture, she points out that he was thrown in Briarcliff because he went on a killing spree and slaughtered eighteen people from five different families (Jesus!)  and the point of the photo is really to show the general public that he’s locked up and they’re safe from him now, thanks to Briarcliff.  She turns away for a second to snap at  (non-possessed) Sister Mary because she let the photographers in too early by mistake and instead of the nice group photo Sister Jude had planned, Leigh is biting the guys face off and FLASH! CLICK! the photographers rush over and take a pic of THAT chaos instead! The only thing missing was a smash cut to a shot of the photo on the front page of the newspaper with some really tasteless headline.

Man, what are we going to do during the three-week hiatus the show is taking after the December 12th episode?


Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose…

Fellow American Horror Story Asylum Fans, DO NOT MISS This Winter FINALE SCOOP For “The Coat Hanger” – This Week The “Most Batshit Crazy Episode Yet!” Airs (Episode 9)

Holy shit,  don’t miss these five teases from Tim Stack at We believe him when he says “it’s that good”.  TWO pregnancies! Pepper the Pinhead returns (and a little birdie has told us where she was)! The Angel of Death (Frances Conroy) shows up again and takes a character with her “last kiss”.  Hot damn, set those DVRs now.

Click here to take our poll – vote on who you think will be leaving Briarcliff for good (and you can predict up to three characters,  since we’re guessing there’s more than one death). We know who we do NOT want to leave…


The show will return with the last four episodes of the season January 2nd, 2013! Episode Ten is titled, “The Name Change”.