Breaking News: Pepper’s Back Next Week! Until Then, Read Naomi Grossman’s Piece From On Being Cast, Transformed Into Pepper the Pinhead on American Horror Story Asylum!

When it comes to covering and Q&A about American Horror Story Asylum, I get more questions about Pepper than practically all the other characters combined. Is pinhead on ASHA real?  and Who plays pinhead on AHSA?  but the last month, the top question (more than who is bloody face ) is When is Pepper pinhead coming back?

For the answer on that last one, you can read my re-blog here; I highly recommend this piece that Naomi Grossman wrote herself. Right from the pinhead’s–er, horse’s–that doesn’t sound nice either, let me try one more time. Right from Naomi Grossman’s mouth!


Breaking News On American Horror Story Asylum! Ryan Murphy Interviewed on Ian McShane’s Psycho Santa AND The Return of Pinhead Pepper! (Spoilers)

Extra extra, read all about it! Oh YEAH baby! “Unholy Night” was sick and twisted and depraved and evil and I loved every (too-short) fucking second! Not to mention, they managed to work in probably my favorite Christmas song ever, Darlene Love‘s version of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).” Now, the news we’ve been waiting WEEKS for… THE OFFICIAL RETURN OF PEPPER! (I saw it in the headline and just about sprained my fingers re-blogging it to you.

I know Pepper is an audience favorite. And it’s the question I get asked the most: “Where’s fuckin’ Pepper?” So [next week]   Pepper returns!  –Ryan Murphy (see interview link for more).


YEAH, baby! Read on, and I promise you fellow rabid American Horror Story fans, more coming soon – including my usual “Ten Fucked-Up Things We Learned From American Horror Story Asylum” for Episode 8, “Unholy Night”.  You can also check out this article Naomi Grossman (Pepper, our favorite pinhead) –Ms. Grossman wrote the piece herself.

“Uh, you really don’t me want me out there with other people this time of year.”
-Mr. Emerson to Sister Mary Eunice after she brings the satanic Santa suit to him in ‘the hole’


Were we the only ones who were pretty sure that fancy– but sharp and pointy – Christmas decoration was going in someone’s neck or eye by the end of the episode? Got kind of tense when someone handed that ornament to Ian McShanewhose Santa psycho character will return next week!  Oh, there’s all kinds of surprises in this juicy interview! Maybe Sr. Jude just stabbed him with a candy cane? We’re not complaining, mind you, just really surprised.

Now that we know the “Holiday Greetings From Briarcliff” card below was taken in 1963, right before something really terrible (and awesome) happened. The orderly with the Santa hat on the far right is about to be minus a face, for one thing… ho ho HOAH!

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 11.32.22 PM


Sons Of Anarchy Fifth Season Finale: Kim Coates Talks Tig’s Fate …And More! (Spoilers)

I thought this was a better interview than the Kurt Sutter one, and definitely worth a read. For the record, I’m glad spitting on Charlie Hunnam was unscripted!

Screen shot 2012-12-05 at 5.02.48 AM