Check Out This Creepy Photo Of Frances Conroy From American Horror Story Asylum Upcoming Episode “Dark Cousins”!

They may not be great about showing anything but a 20-second long promo for the next episode while we’re waiting (I’ve been spoiled by AMC shows that release actual clips, even short ones, and American Horror Story Season One would send exclusive short clips to Dread Central last year) but you need to see this photo FX released from Episode 7, “Dark Cousins”, airing this Wednesday! Does she look like an angel to you? If I woke up and saw this standing in my bedroom, especially between me and the door, I’d better be wearing Depends (which we don’t exactly have in the house), or we’d need new sheets. At best.

Also, who’s the patient? We haven’t seen any black patients at Briarcliff, have we? We had the Hispanic woman referred to only as “The Mexican” (and not just in private, either). It’s 1964 and almost all the Briarcliff staff aren’t exactly forward-thinking. I’m surprised there isn’t some segregated ward. From the looks of his arm, his the guy made a serious suicide attempt, but failed.  We get a strong feeling that one way or another, Frances Conroy’s character will be helping the poor guy out with that… fast.

American Horror Story PS Vita Wallpaper

So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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