So, Did You Catch That Voice Cameo On American Horror Story Asylum Last Night? Wanna Know More? (Spoilers, Of Course)

I don’t let much slip by me on American Horror Story Asylum, because I’m completely obsessed with it. But this, THIS cool shit? I had no clue. Sounded like Quinto to me until I was told otherwise, and I wasn’t expecting anything, because the only thing I’d read from or even about him was a tweet from him saying he was on set. He’s not listed at all in the opening or closing credits on the episode (which is understandable). Re-listened and yeah, now I can hear it–but their voices are similar and he used the same lifeless, sociopathic monotone Thredson does (unless he gets pissed off or really emotional, which so far, has happened maybe twice). I rifled around some on Google and was the only one reporting it, and only a few blogs on Tumbler brought it up (all referring back to this article as the source), so it seems like an exclusive to me. My first thought is that it could be Bloody Face’s son, which raises a whole new avalanche of questions.

12/05 UPDATE: McDermott and Murphy have spilled the beans. Read about it here …AND even more  here! really delivers the goods on this show– they did it all last season, too. Not to mention, you can tell they’ve got heart for the show, which is something that can’t be faked. I bet they must have a lottery or drawing to determine who gets to cover it, since several writers go nuts over the show (it looks like they rotate.. Plus, Ryan Murphy gives them exclusives. Man, I REALLY would love (and be thankful for) another cover story. I’ll have my usual “Ten Things We Learned” piece coming up soon, and keep you updated… and as usual, I’d love to hear your theories below!

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4 thoughts on “So, Did You Catch That Voice Cameo On American Horror Story Asylum Last Night? Wanna Know More? (Spoilers, Of Course)

  1. Theory: When Thredson raped Lana, little Dermott McBloodyface was conceived… Then perhaps if Lana dies, Bloody Jr either goes into foster care and repeats Bloody Sr’s cycle, or Bloody Sr never gets caught and gets to raise the baby…his way. Can’t wait to find out what happens!

    • Yep, that’s pretty much my theory. Check out this article where I really go to town on it… after seeing the show last night, though, I don’t know if Lana is going to let him live, even if it is important to Kit. I’d want to kill the guy if he’d killed the one I love, especially after she was going to get her out the next day, PLUS skinned her alive, then did to e what he did to Lana. Can’t WAIT!

      • Yeah I think that’s the general consensus…hoping they can twist the plot enough so it isn’t easy to guess… Fingers crossed they’re leading us down this path (Lana and Thredson as parents) and then they’ll completely throw a curve ball…

        • Yeah. I want to compare it to something in Season One but not sure if you’ve seen it-if you have tell me so I can bring it up w/out spoiling it. I just hope Thredson gets a slow painful death at Lana’s hands. The “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” treatment would be nice too–since they’re both rapists–but that’s a little graphic for TV, even American Horror Story. Not that I ever liked him, but he was so shitty in this episode, pissed off at her because he says she tricked him into raping her… Also Dr. Arden needs to pay for what he did to Shelley (among many other human beings).

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