Pray For Lana! Sarah Paulson On The Bloody Face Reveal In “I Am Anne Frank, Part Two.”

Well, this interview was from last week, but Sarah Paulson ALWAYS entertains when discussing American Horror Story.

This just in: says that was Dylan McDermott‘s voice on the phone, not Zachary Quinto, which I NEVER would have thought. Wait, WHAT? I could maybe pick McDermott’s voice out of a line up, and I’m usually great at recognizing celebrity voices in general, and especially in commercials (especially if it’s some sex-bomb alpha-male like Jon Hamm or Clooney, or someone’s voice I’ve deliberately… OK). I was feeling all proud of spotting Frances Conroy in the preview, too. I’ll try to reblog that piece shortly, but has NEVER let me reblog a piece before, and getting this to you may just be a glitch. I’m off to find a certain Grindhouse holiday-themed trailer for you now, but until then, enjoy this… and pray for Lana!


So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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