Check Out The Official American Horror Story Asylum Site For Full Episodes, Clips, And Better Yet, Exclusive Video (FX Networks)

If you start to ‘jones’ for American Horror Story Asylum like I do between episodes (I start getting seriously twitchy when I wake up Thursday) then you can find some temporary solace here. I especially enjoy when they do an “Inside The Asylum” post-show breakdown, with trivia, interviews, and all kinds of cool stuff. Here’s a great reason to bookmark the page and check back regularly: I can tell you these post-show featurettes of each episode were NOT included on the Blu-ray set for Season One. Maybe I’m spoiled because AMC has done it with every Blu-ray set for Breaking Bad. You can find them online (I assume), but I really think if they’re going to put out a Blu-ray set, which sometime put a BIG dent in my entertainment budget if they’re not on sale (example: retail price for the American Horror Story Season One Blu-ray set was at least fifty bucks-if you see it on sale, grab ’em, because Amazon had them on sale for a week or so–then the price rocketed back up without warning). So! Here’s that link:

FX Networks – American Horror Story: Asylum – Full Episodes and Exclusive Video.

A lot of the info goes up here on Horror Boom, but FX does it like clockwork.  If I find more FX links, I’ll put them up in posts.  I’ll definitely give you a heads-up if they post a clip from an upcoming episode.  Oh, and I’ll try not to let Thanksgiving get in the way, but I can’t promise the same for Hitchcock , opening Friday! Enjoy the site, and your evening.


So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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