American Horror Story Asylum Premiere: Many Of The “Top Ten Funniest One-Liners” From IDT Now Seem Creepy, Knowing What We Do…

You know, I stumbled on this while I was looking for more spoilers to share here with fellow American Horror Story Asylum super-fans, and some of the lines they picked were clearly meant to be ironic later on.  Check the below link out…

‘American Horror Story’ Season 2 Premiere: The Top 10 Funniest One-Liners From ‘Asylum’ [SPOILERS] – International Digital Times.

More coming soon… I’ll be, uh, fleshing this out a little. Shelley was so vivacious and full of life… I hope those rumors about Pepper’s revenge are true. Actually, Ryan Murphy SAID Pepper the pinhead was going to do something for revenge, and I believe said “Wait till you see it!”  Oooh man!

I’ll never get sick of this establishing shot from “Welcome to Briarcliff”!

So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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