See Proof Brave Actress Shaved Her Head To Play Pinhead ‘Pepper’ In American Horror Story Asylum!

Well well, it looks like Naomi Grossman has her own You Tube Channel! Cool. She’s done a lot of skits for Funny Or Die, as well as quite a few short films. First, she put up a video of herself stylin’ on the Red Carpet for the American Horror Story Asylum Premiere event (and yes, that’s a wig, you’ll find out why soon):

Here she is being asked about American Horror Story Asylum at the same event (though she can’t give up many details, of course) in a short interview:

Aaand  here she is being incredibly brave, getting all that hair off except for that little ponytail on top… WOW.

Any actress that dedicated deserves all the attention she’s getting for her role. She did say in an interview I posted a link to earlier that when she was on set without her costume/makeup, no-one recognized her. That’s definitely a good thing! Glad her character is becoming a fan favorite and getting so much attention. Ms. Grossman sure as hell earns every last bit of it!

“Pepper’s not harmless. She drowned her sister’s baby and sliced his ears off.”

American Horror Story Asylum Premiere: Many Of The “Top Ten Funniest One-Liners” From IDT Now Seem Creepy, Knowing What We Do…

You know, I stumbled on this while I was looking for more spoilers to share here with fellow American Horror Story Asylum super-fans, and some of the lines they picked were clearly meant to be ironic later on.  Check the below link out…

‘American Horror Story’ Season 2 Premiere: The Top 10 Funniest One-Liners From ‘Asylum’ [SPOILERS] – International Digital Times.

More coming soon… I’ll be, uh, fleshing this out a little. Shelley was so vivacious and full of life… I hope those rumors about Pepper’s revenge are true. Actually, Ryan Murphy SAID Pepper the pinhead was going to do something for revenge, and I believe said “Wait till you see it!”  Oooh man!

I’ll never get sick of this establishing shot from “Welcome to Briarcliff”!