Enjoy These Two Thoughtful Looks At Prometheus From Andy Watches Movies…

I love Andy’s reviews, and Netflix is finally coughing up Prometheus to me tomorrow. Of the reviews I’ve read, I noticed the one (and many times the single) criticism of the film is the character’s frustrating decision-making. Several friends of mine agree that it improves on repeated viewings. For me, that’s a big positive. Enjoy these two thoughtful looks at Prometheus from Andy!

Andy Watches Movies

Movie One Hundred Forty Two and Two Hundred and Forty One

Thinking they have found a link to the creation of mankind, a team led by two scientists goes off in search of life in Prometheus.

*I will try to be spoiler free but be warned*

When a team of scientists, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Dr. Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) discover a series of orbs in the same pattern across thousands of years and several continents. Thinking this is not a coincidence, they set out to the star system that matches the glyphs on a trip to meet our Engineers funded by Weyland Corporation (Weyland played by Guy Pearce). Aboard the ship, dubbed Prometheus, we meet the crew including android David (Michael Fassbender). The team investigates a set of ruins and comes face to face with the remains of the Engineers and discover life.

By now, everyone who…

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