Horror Photographer Joshua Hoffine Takes On An Urban Legend – Babysitter

OK, what is the LAST THING IN THE WORLD you’d want to see around the corner when you’re a babysitter? Another horrifying, nightmarish Joshua Hoffine photo, another comforting ‘making of’ piece to show us that it’s ONLY A PHOTO… IT’S ONLY A PHOTO… IT’S ONLY A PHOTO… maybe if I say it enough times, I’ll get some sleep tonight. Check it out!


Joshua Hoffine Horror Blog

Hey kiddies! This is my new Horror photograph, called BABYSITTER.


Bob Barber, who played the title role in DEVIL, returned to play the part of the homicidal lunatic escaped from a mental hospital.


Patricia Castillo applied Bob’s make-up. I told her that I wanted a big lobotomy scar on the side of his head, held shut with metal staples.



She exaggerated the lines in Bob’s face, and whitened his skin until he was ashen, like a person who hadn’t seen sunlight in years.


She also added bruising and lacerations to his wrists for the broken handcuffs.


Demian Vela helped me with the lighting.


Matt Tady assisted me as well.


This photograph features my eldest daughter Arinna, who plays the part of the babysitter. Arinna is 13 years old.  She is charming, precocious, exceedingly bright, and a natural leader.


The baby in the photograph is my niece Thea, who was also…

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