Name that (Horror) Frame – Week of 10/14/12 – Special Creepy Insane Asylum Edition!

Well, American Horror Story: Asylum is coming along in a couple days, so I picked frames from horror movies taking place in haunted –or at least creepy– insane asylums.

First up… it won’t take long to recognize this, but the trick is picking the RIGHT movie, as there’s lobotomy scenes in quite a few horror movies set in or around asylums.

Second up… sorry for the less-than-stellar photo quality, but if you’ve seen the movie, it won’t take long to recognize:

and finally… oh hell, it’s going to be hard enough to identify these as it is, so I’ll flat-out tell you that the third and final frame below is from the same movie as the first image. A little more, what’s the word, memorable,  though…

This isn’t even the most horrifying image from the scene, either. GAH!

OK, so who’s ready for the American Horror Story: Asylum season premiere Wednesday at 10:00PM on FX?  I just wish it was two hours, or even ninety minutes. Watch for plenty of pieces focused on the show all week!

Matteawan Asylum for the Criminally Insane (NY)

Matteawan Asylum for the Criminally Insane (NY) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4 thoughts on “Name that (Horror) Frame – Week of 10/14/12 – Special Creepy Insane Asylum Edition!

  1. Have you seen Session 9? If you can rent the DVD, there are a ton of bonus features. Every actor in the movie said filming in the Danvers hospital freaked them out. In 2001 (when I first rented it) I figured they were making it up for PR, last year I bought a copy and when I re-watched it, now I’m not so sure. The gigantic mental hospital they filmed it in has since been torn down, and is now the site of “Danvers Luxury Apartments.” Would YOU want to live there?

  2. I think it would be very interesting to live there cause then I could be alone but I
    would bring my pets with me haha!

    • Actually, I did some research on it and people haven’t reported anything supernatural, but they HATE living there. Evidently the plumbing is bad, the walls are thin so you can hear the neighbors all the time, it’s boiling in summer and freezing in winter, and the manager is impossible to get ahold of. Everyone said they were leaving as soon as their leases are up… here’s a link –

    • . Actually, they should have left the place alone since it was declared (I think) a historical site. If they gave tours, they probably could have gotten more customers that way! Not sure I’d be brave enough to tour it, though…

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