“The ABCs of Death” Release Date Bumped To January 2013, Goddamnit!

Well, I was getting my last nine posts for The ABCs of Death  Contest entries ready (I did a list of top twenty picks, with five runners up, and was putting them up five at a time) and needed to insert the release date. I looked it up, found the official site, and said, “Motherf*cker!” out loud when I saw that instead of being released this month around Halloween, it got bumped back not to November, not to December, but till next goddamned year. The new release date is On Demand January 31st, then in limited theatrical release on MARCH 8th. What the fuck? I know it got mixed reviews at the festival debut, but not THAT mixed. Maybe the calender just got really crowded for the month of October…

That does mean, on the (sort of) bright side, I’ll be able to post all the top picks for the contest entries before the movie is released. I probably won’t have a problem getting them done by Thanksgiving, either.  Hopefully, none of the entries (or the contest entry page) will get taken down before the feature film comes out, because these are all worth checking out –especially at only four minutes a pop. Keep an eye out for them – these entries really deserve to be seen by a wider group of horror fans!

So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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