Name That (Horror) Frame Contest- Week of 9/3/2012


OK, it’s that time of week again! I’m still not getting any guesses, but I’m gonna keep plugging away. They’re fun to post and hey, I should maybe get in a couple more watches of the Director’s Cut of The Descent, and the commentary for Cabin Fever 2. Oh, and the UNRATED Hatchet! 

And a-one, and a-two, and-a…

This first one is pretty obvious, but it’s also dark. I figured that would level the playing field a little.

No goddamn way I'm going in the water...

Then we have this, from a recently-released on DVD film that I featured the trailer for…

Nothin' like a Mexican Standoff.

And finally,  a scary movie out of Thailand goes meta:

Extra points for naming the segment of this omnibus from Thailand.

Because it still works (when done by the director of this movie, that’s for sure)?

And that’s it for this week! Sometimes if you hover your cursor over the image, you’ll get alternate text, and maybe even a big hint. Meanwhile, the pile of prizes keeps growing…

-Mrs. Horror Boom


So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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