Red Band Trailer of the Day- V/H/S (2012)


I’d been previously informed that V/H/S was a found-footage torture porn film, at which point I mentally scratched it off my ‘must-see’ list. Then I found out that I’d been misinformed. Still, I was getting lazy about posting this, until I saw Wednesday’s “Attack of The Show” (we’ve been watching the show this week for the first time to see guest host Marc Maron) wherein one of the two grating, shrieky-voiced, bony chicks who pretend to be edgy pop-culture geeks* and appear to have been born in 1999 (the blonde one) proudly presented the “first look” at the V/H/S trailer.

I’ve been getting burned out on found footage movies. However, an anthology format of five, helmed by five different directors,  plus what I’ve heard is a pretty decent framing story from a sixth director?  You’re on!

So that gave me the kick in the butt to quit being lazy and post the first red band trailer for the found-footage anthology film V/H/S. I discovered it yesterday but was a little unsettled by this new version. Some new imagery was enough to make me decide that maybe it might be a good idea to go ahead and wait until it was light out to delve into it more…

Honestly, I’ve been getting burned out –just a little, but still–on found footage movies. However, an anthology format of five of them, helmed by five different directors (several whose work I’ve enjoyed, decent odds) plus what I’ve heard is a pretty decent framing story from a sixth director?  You’re on!  Suddenly, I can’t wait till it’s released this fall. Here’s the summary, directly from the official V/H/S website:

When a group of petty criminals is hired by a mysterious party to retrieve a rare piece of found footage from a rundown house in the middle of nowhere, they soon realize that the job isn’t going to be as easy as they thought. In the living room, a lifeless body holds court before a hub of old television sets, surrounded by stacks upon stacks of VHS tapes. As they search for the right one, they are treated to a seemingly endless number of horrifying videos, each stranger than the last.

Bringing together some of the top filmmakers in the game today, this wickedly conceived horror anthology sends the viewer through a gauntlet of suspense, terror, shock, and downright brutality—instantly distinguishing itself from a sea of lackluster found-footage horror flicks. The diverse and deviously creative minds behind V/H/S shatter any preconceived notions about the genre, making it feel inventive and captivating once again.

OK,  V/H/S,  sold!


If you’re out there reading reviews, beware The Hollywood Reporter review from Sundance, as the reviewer blurts out nearly the entire content of the first two stories, including jump scares and twists. Not so much as a retroactive spoilers warning!

*Yeah, I have PMS. So what? When I have a headache and am not feeling too glamorous, I have less patience than usual with seeing two motor-mouthed valley-girl sounding model-hostesses apparently trying to out-shriek (and out-cute) each other. They’re good at reading teleprompters energetically, and good at… uh…  drawing a blank here! The highlight so far for me was when Robert Kirkman finally told the brunette (politely) to stop interrupting him.  Ahhh,  that was as refreshing as a cold drink on a hot summer day; I seriously felt like someone had been blowing a kazoo in my ear for 45 minutes.


Red Band Trailer of the Week – Exit Humanity (2011)

OK, I’m still feeling a little fuzzy, and the heat wave isn’t going away any time soon. Still have something cool for you though (and more to cool you down; working on a Shutter gallery to post soon that’ll probably do the trick).  Here’s an extra-long, extra-cool HD trailer for the ambitious Civil War-era* zombie film, Exit Humanity, written and directed by John Geddes.

I discovered this trailer (and the existence of this movie) last May. Before the trailer was even halfway through, I had it on my watch list. It was a shorter version of the trailer below, but I was in as soon as I saw the animated sequences and recognized that Brian Cox was narrating the film. I don’t recall it being red band, but THIS one sure as hell is. Here you go…

Here’s the official plot synopsis from the film’s Facebook page:

How does a man deal with the loss of everything meaningful in his life, and the loss of mankind’s humanity amongst chaos and despair? Set in 1870′s Tennessee, Exit Humanity is the legend of Edward Young’s horrific and dramatic journey through an unexplainable outbreak of the walking dead to lay to rest the most important thing in his life, his son’s ashes. The bleak post-Civil War era backdrop highlights the severe divide that the United States was facing, the disasters that arise when man tries to play God, and the true loss of hope that so many felt during this period in history.

Exit Humanity blends live action and classical animation to explore how when in situations of severe horror, we must find hope through the very fears that drive us. Starring horror icons Bill Moseley (Devil’s Rejects, House of 1000 Corpses), Dee Wallace (E.T., Cujo), Stephen McHattie (The Watchmen, 300), introducing new horror hero Mark Gibson, and Narrated by Brian Cox (Braveheart, The Bourne Identity), Exit Humanity is a zombie saga that tells the tale of the ultimate battle of good vs. evil.

The official website is packed with information; some of the concept art by Snezhan Bodorv (the key animator) is AMAZING, well-crafted.  I definitely recommend checking out the video showcase below (it actually contains more than the official website in the way of animation, not to mention the official website has been having some technical difficulties the past few days).

I’ve heard mixed things so far about the movie.  The main things people bitch about are: not enough gore, pacing issues (that tightening up the film and trimming 10-20 minutes off would probably fix), and that the major action sequences were replaced with animation.

I won’t be able to see this movie for a couple of weeks (by some miracle, Netflix will be releasing it in a timely manner) but I’ve heard just as many–if not more– good things as I have bitching. I say ‘bitching’ because none of the reviews who found the movie ‘a letdown’ had such terrible grammar and even basic writing skills that it was hard to take them seriously.  I’ll be seeing it. Hope I don’t jinx anything, but really, how bad could a movie that gives Dee Wallace, Bill Mosely, and Brian Cox top billing be? By the way, that just reminded me that some asshole who was too much of a pussy to give any of his real information had to nerve to call Dee Wallace a ‘genre has-been’. They half-heartedly made a similar comment about Bill Mosely, but the one about Dee Wallace pissed me off the most. What bullshit! When someone has been working in the genre (and some different genres, too) consistently for over three decades, that doesn’t make them a has-been, it makes them a hard-working actor, a survivor, and a success. Do either of them look like they’re in their sixties? Look at their work schedules, they have a hell of a lot more energy then I do, that’s for sure. Even I was surprised by how steady and solid their resumes were when I looked them up on the IMDB. I have yet to see a phoned-in performance by either of them.  Mention their names to nearly any horror fan who’s been around since the 80s (or 90s) and their face will light up as they rattle off several of their favorite movies featuring them in supporting appearances or lead roles.

As far as the gore, a good story and good scares are enough for me. Even the detractors have to admit it is beautifully shot.

Here’s a few screen grabs stills that lead me to believe the ‘slow pace’ will be worth the watch; I’m going to trust for now that the movie will have substance along with style. Click for a larger image from the gallery below.

*slightly post-Civil war era, as it turns out.

Summer Heat Wave? Get Your Chills On With Ju-On Gallery #2

Well, my cough is almost gone, but I have a strange, unpleasant style of hangover from being on over-the-counter cold/cough medicine for over a week. I felt more or less normal when I took it the first week (probably because I made sure it didn’t have any of the crystal meth ingredients ending in “phrine” in it before I put it in my body the first time).  I took two of the tablets (supposed to take one of these doses every 4 hours) on our way to go see Magic Joe Manganiello  Magic Mike *,  and during the closing credits of the movie I suddenly began to feel very weird and nervous.*  Then I discovered (in the tiniest print ever) on the instructions the words do NOT use for more than seven days continuously. Since I was on day 8 or 9, that explained that. Well, shit. I immediately ‘discontinued’ the cold/flu remedy (also per the instructions). Since I stopped about 36 hours ago, I’ve felt better flu-wise (other than a nagging, dull rebound headache from all the Tylenol), but all cloudy and fuzzy, and not the good kind of dreamy-cloudy that seeing the routines in Magic Mike (which was definitely not caused by any kind of chemical unless you count hormones) and mentally clumsy, clunky, and foggy. I was barely able to follow the plot of the regular Thursday new installment of the free web comic Crossed:Wish You Were Here;  the weekly series is very twisted, but not overly-complicated.

…it’s been pretty warm out lately, and just looking at many of these may give someone the illusion of the temperature dropping. I didn’t know it was possible to get goosebumps in 80 degree heat, but apparently, that’s where Takashi Shimizu and of course, Ms. Takako Fuji come in to lend a hand!

I’m surprised I even pulled this intro together. My IQ took a significant drop. I just realized I kept meaning to watch the two sneak preview clips on for this Sunday’s True Blood, but never quite screwed two brain cells together long enough to do it.  Hooked as I am, that never happened before (that I can recall, my memory is worse than usual, too). When I tried to write something more complicated than a retweet. I could barely finish my sentences in my own head. I have a couple reviews of movies that turned out to be terrible almost ready to “press”***, but I don’t want to post two negative reviews in a row. So until my slow-witted head clears up, I have another Ju-On gallery I put together.

Now would be a good time to GTFO, Kobayashi…

I don’t own the rights to any of the stills from the Japanese movies themselves, I just think they’re amazing …and creepy as shit. Also, it’s been pretty warm out lately, and just looking at many of these may give someone the illusion of the temperature dropping. I didn’t know it was possible to get goosebumps in 80 degree heat, but apparently, that’s where Takashi Shimizu and of course, Ms. Takako Fuji come in to lend a hand!

From the original TV movie, aired in Japan in 2000.

This time, I also included some very unsettling images from the two Ju-On movies: Ju-on: Shiroi rôjo  (The Grude: Old Lady in White) and Ju-on: Kuroi shôjo  (The Grudge: Black Ghost).   These were filmed in 2009, and weren’t released in the US until 2011 as a package deal: Ju-On: White Ghost/Black Ghost. They aren’t direct sequels, and only one member of the Saeki family makes an appearance, but they definitely take place in the same universe as the rest of the Ju-On series.  Kayako may not show up (unless you count a very distinctive croak/death rattle, but I still found both movies (especially the first) badly frightening. Oh, and at some unknown point, I learned how to mimic the Kayako ‘death rattle’ perfectly. Not in time to scare anyone else with it, just enough to give myself a nightmare that I was imitating the noise while surfing the net, stopped, then heard it coming from behind me. Then I bolted awake! I fell back to sleep in less than a minute …but I think it says a lot about the staying power and effectiveness of a true horror movie when you get a nightmare based on it after you haven’t even watched it in months. That’s during cheerful daylight, with my husband reading the paper in the next room. And I jumped …then decided I was sitting much too close to the TV.

From the “Black Ghost” second half of the recent Ju-on: White Ghost/Black Ghost (2009)

One of Toshio’s two “cameos” from Ju-On: WGBG (2009)

The first of several genuine jump scares from Ju-On: Old Lady in White (2009)

From the English version (I know, duh) 2004

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Review: Wreckage (2010) I’d Say Don’t Expect Fireworks, But…

…but there are, in fact, a shitload of actual fireworks let off in two scenes from Wreckage: in place of a flare gun at one point, and in a scene at the end of the credits. They’re pretty cool fireworks*. I am sorry to report, however, that even Aaron Paul couldn’t save this movie.* If you haven’t figured it out yet (or never met me) I am a huge, HUGE Breaking Bad fan. and Paul does the absolute best he’s got with a mediocre, thankless (at best) script,  and unsurprisingly was the best, most talented actor in the cast. The acting in the movie isn’t as bad as most people say. There were two cast members, who I will keep anonymous, who were pretty bad, and I wanted the characters killed off just because I didn’t know how much longer I could stand them being onscreen.

So here’s the official plot synopsis:

Jared, Kate, Rick, and Jessica find themselves stranded in a wreckage yard after their car breaks down during a drag race. Meanwhile, the sheriff’s office receives notice that a convict escaped from a local state prison. As the teenagers mysteriously disappear one by one, the killer grows hungry and the thriller continues to unravel.

Well, I can get behind that last phrase, this thriller unravels pretty goddamned fast (though that happens by the end of the ‘drag race’, not after).

I got clued in to this movie when I saw a full-page ad in Fangoria, with Aaron Paul prominently featured in the cast, and jotted down the title so I could look into it. I didn’t see very good reviews, but I figured with Aaron Paul in it, and promises of “buckets of gore”, it should go in my Netflix queue.  Yeah, I can work with that for 90 minutes of my life!

I’ve learned that many genre movies claim a well-liked, popular actor with a big fan base to be one of the leads; their name gets the biggest, most prominent billing. Then the actor makes it maybe 1/2 of the way through (sometimes much less) and is then killed off, meaning that actor was in the supporting cast and NOT the lead. I’ve seen genre actors get top billing when they just had ten minutes (or less) worth of screen time before they get decapitated or hit by a huge truck that came out of nowhere without any warning (or explanation).  Fortunately, this was not the case here. He got less screen time than the lead, but just barely, and part of his missing screen time was necessary to the plot, and the reveal …or  what the writers thought was a reveal. It’s not a good plot and I saw the “shocking” reveal coming less than a third into the movie. I was hoping they’d  pull a kind of switcheroo leading to the reveal  and surprise me, but …no. He’s…SPOILER ALERT…  alive in/at the last five minutes, so at least you won’t get screwed on the screen time of the “lead” this time around.

This subject will later be a piece (or three) of its own: I’m a gorehound. I only started verbally admitting it five years ago. However, not every kind of gore is my thing. I’d rather the gore be caused by a giant monster attacking  and eating people in unexpected ways, or some virus that causes people to melt or morph into a monster (a lá The Thing, the original, but I have to give the remake points for…okay, that’s another article too) or a wish made to a demon that comes true in a horribly ironic way, or a Final Destination mishap*** that you don’t see coming , or Freddy Krueger really on his A-game and getting creative. I also prefer my gore in the form of bunch of over the top zombie attacks (Dead Alive, Return of the Living Dead 3, though I think most of us can agree Dead Alive RULES in that department …and many other departments) or hundreds of blood-thirsty piranhas attacking and massacring a bunch of drunk spring break douchebags and bimbos. Oh, and especially when Nicotero-Berger is in charge or the gore, then I’m sold. I really prefer that to some guy in a mask with a butcher knife. If the guy turns out not to be human, then I’m usually in.  This is just a general rule, there’s some amazing slasher movies out there (most from the 80s), ones that had clever plot twists or a new spin, ones that are well-written or surprise me in some way (a good way).


OK, back to the review I was supposed to be focusing on. God I hate when a clumsy, predictable horror movie comes out and some people say, “hey, it’s not supposed to be great art or rocket science, just turn off your brain and have fun!” First of all, I know how and when to turn off my brain and have fun. I have decades of practice and have gotten very good at it, thank you. Sometimes, though, there’s not that much fun to be had.

I think most people can overlook “goofs” in a movie, if said movie is entertaining and they don’t pull you out of the story. Hell, sometimes even after I’ve seen the movie a couple times I was having such a blast I don’t even notice the goof until it is pointed out to me. In no way does it lower my opinion of the movie or entertainment value. If you look up The Dark Knight on the IMDB, there are literally over a hundred “goofs” listed. I didn’t notice them the first time I saw it, nor the fifteenth time I watched it on Blu-ray.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t having fun watching Wreckage.  If Aaron Paul hadn’t been in the movie, I  would have turned it off right after a scene I’ll explain after the jump, about ten minutes in–excuse me, there’s two pre-credit scenes that are both shot in wildly varying styles, 15 years apart, than ran an actual ten minutes before the opening credits. The first looked terrible, but at least it made sense (more or less) when replayed later in the film, with what passes for a reveal in Wreckage. So make that about twenty minutes in, after the male lead and his girlfriend decide to (I think) hop in his car and go party for the weekend. I can’t tell if they’re supposed to be in high school (probably not, since they easily obtained alcohol) college age, or mid-twenties, but it really doesn’t matter. I figured it was only about 80 minutes long, and Aaron Paul Aaron Paul’s character was still alive, and there was supposed to be a scene where someone was killed by a truck being dropped on them, with over-the-top gory results, and a character was also supposed to die by having their head split in half vertically with a weapon.

OK, back to the scene where I re-calibrated my already-low expectations. The male lead (supposed to be a gear head) is driving his …whatever model that was… car down a country road in the afternoon. Some dick in a flashier car pulls up next to him. They make eye contact  …and start racing!

whoop de doo.

Ooooo! The “drag race” is ON! OK, not really.

Good thing there were no curves coming up, since the male lead was in the oncoming lane. They go faster…and faster… KA-BROOF!  Something blows under the male lead’s hood, smoke starts pouring out, and his engine dies. The guy swears, pulls over, gets out for a look…

like sooooo…

…and he and the three other ” road trip” characters –his  fresh-faced girlfriend, Aaron Paul, and his skanky-dressed girlfriend (I actually was concerned for the actress, as she was wearing one of those white trash ultra-short skirts that look like a denim belt, and she had to walk carefully around dirt roads and later, a junkyard, in heels and that skirt and heels. I hope the wardrobe department sewed some hidden shorts in) appear out of the fucking blue to look under the hood, wincing and cursing at the damage.

Uh… where the fuck did you come from?

What the…

Which would be fine, if he hadn’t been clearly shown completely alone in the fucking car during every single shot, from every single angle. I guess the three of them were hunched down on the floor of the back seat the whole goddamned time. Almost before I can finish the sentence OK, now you’re not even fucking trying, one of them suggests walking to a junkyard “like. less than a mile down the road” to get spare parts. At this point it’s late afternoon, in summer. We then cut to a shot of them approaching the gate to the yard–pitch black out, stars in the sky. SIGH.

That was one long-ass mile.

If Aaron Paul wasn’t in the movie (or they’d killed him off) I would have just stopped the DVD (Strike Three for any other movie, Strike One here since I was trying to keep an open mind) and put it back in the Netflix envelope and sealed it up to put with outgoing  mail. However, Aaron Paul might not be killed off just yet, and there’s all that gore to look forward to! I still had to force myself not to pick up a book or my Kindle Fire or my laptop while watching this one, but kept telling myself the movie was only about 80 minutes long,

Characters get picked off, not in especially interesting, emotional, creative, or surprising ways. I guessed the killer almost as soon as things started to go awry. Strike Two! Probably, everyone else who’d seen more than ten horror movies similar to this did, too. Nothing close to a head-splitting happens, and if a car suddenly got dropped on someone, it was  either presented with no showmanship at all or I missed it.  I was surprised at the fact …SPOILER ALERT (sort of, because really, you’re not going to see the movie after you read this, are you? Please don’t) that Aaron Paul’s character made it through the whole movie, but so did two other characters who were much less interesting. One was badly wounded in the junkyard and when she woke up in the hospital, didn’t appear to have an IV, much less a morphine drip. She looked about the same even though she’d been shot in the stomach (in an earlier scene that made no logical sense, and probably violated the laws of physics) and had gone more or less all night without any medical care other than someone covering up her midsection with their coat.  I’ll give the movie credit for a couple things (after I bitch a little more). I  honestly didn’t have an agenda going in to watch it, other than seeing Aaron Paul and what was supposed to be some OTT gore, though I only got one of those. I’ve seen WAY more gruesome movies that got away with an R-Rating, so releasing it as UNRATED!!!  was clearly just a marketing tactic. I think someone probably went in to the IMDB and spiced up the Parent’s Guide a little, too. Strike 3!

Speaking of shameless marketing ploys, the re-done artwork for the DVD (I never saw it until I had already started to watch the DVD, got a bad feeling,  and decided I should read reviews other than those on the IMDB), gives it a torture porn-y spin that shows a hot half-naked blonde wrapped up with rope and some kind of shrink-wrap and blindfolded, though neither the character nor the scene appears in the movie. Well, at least the freaks who rented it based on that image alone didn’t get off by seeing it in the movie (somehow that doesn’t make me feel better, though).  While I’m bashing the cover art,  prominently displaying  the three lead names along with the TV show/movie you’d recognize them from lost any impact when it boasts Cameron Richardson in the top billing (Harper’s Island)  next to Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad). Hmm, never knew a TV show called Breaking Bad existed, but they got someone who was on HARPER’S ISLAND? Now that I recognize and can totally get behind!

OK, the aforementioned credit for  a couple of elements. The actors (minus those two I mentioned) all did the best with what they had (which wasn’t much). Uh, next element …there was a scene where a victim got knocked out, someone (offscreen,  pushing/pulling it with a stick) putting a noose made of some kind of heavy wire to loop around his neck  then was pulled up with a junkyard mechanical hook and pulley  to strangle/bleed to death. His friends/co-workers rushed to cut him down, and two of them tried to giver him CPR as they were weeping and swearing. As a rule, you don’t see characters going to so much effort to try to save someone in a slasher/horror pic. His feet also stopped kicking before they could get him down, but they still tried. Usually in this type of horror movie, they’ll just freak out/scream and take off (often right into the killer), or some trap set by him (that say, triggers a spear to run them through).  If there’s more than one character, the female will scream a variation of  “No! They can’t die!” and flailing towards the body while another character holds them back and tries to comfort them by saying something like, “It’s too late. They’re gone. We need to get out of here and get help!” Also, it looked to me like they used practical effects.  If there is CGI, it wasn’t shitty or obviously in front of a green screen.

About the only other thing I can credit them for is somehow landing Aaron Paul (based on the filming dates and his haircut, between seasons 2 and 3 of Breaking Bad). This movie came after his role as a vile sexual predator in the Last House on the Left remake**** was shot, too –what the hell happened to his agent? He was great in LHOTL, an interesting casting choice, and even though I’d gotten so attached to him as Jesse, (who didn’t even want to step on a beetle in the BrBa episode “Peek-A-Boo) he was still NOT someone I would have let in our home when he and his three sketchy-looking friends showed during a pouring rainstorm claiming car trouble and wanting to use my phone. He got the worst/most satisfying death in the movie, too, remember?**** He’s a nice guy, easygoing and in demand, it’s possible he was doing a favor to a friend. Breaking Bad had DEFINITELY taken off before he agreed to film it.  Sadly, however, I stand by my opener: even Aaron Paul couldn’t save Wreckage.  Neither could the fireworks.

Here’s the trailer, save your 85 minutes (that will seem more like 185 minutes by the end of the first act).

*pretty long scene, for a post-credits one. I can’t tell if it was done tongue-in-cheek or not. It’d be nice to know, since it would completely change a character that was mainly in the movie for comic relief from a harmless sane one to a total psycho. Oh well, we’re just horror fans, your target demographic. Why gear it towards us?

**Maybe if he stayed in character as Jesse Pinkman. “Hey bitch, you really messed up your fan belt, yo!” “Can you fix it?” “No, but my chemistry teacher from high school has, like, mad skills, yo.” (pulls out his cell phone) “Swear to god, yo, he’s smart enough to like, build us a robot or something, dude. Just chill.” That might have  partially saved the movie for the most part, then if Heisenberg shows up, it would turn into a 10-out-of-10 star entertaining movie. But shockingly, that does not happen.  Late September 2012 Update: Congratulations out to Aaron Paul on his second Emmy win playing Jesse Pinkman! Magnets, bitch!

***mishap is just a tad of an understatement, actually.  Oh, the series of events where the LASIK machine she was already scared of malfunctioned, burned through and destroyed her eye and her hand as she screamed at the top of her lungs, then she got free from the machine, slipped on the teddy bear she had been holding, stumbled and crashed through a plate-glass window and fell 10 stories to her death, and when she hit the top of the car she landed on, her one good eyeball flew out, landed on the pavement then got run over by the front AND back wheels of a car? Yes. Unfortunate mishap, that.

**** Remember THAT shit? That was probably the best scene in the movie. He got a wine bottle smashed on his head by the wife, then she stabbed him with the biggest, sharpest knife in the house, Then got another heavy object broken over his head,  THEN he  got his  broken nose viciously twisted, smashed around again, THEN they shoved his head in the filled sink, in the middle of him drowning they jammed halfway down the garbage disposal, which then got turned on, he started screaming like a woman, and the running sink got clogged with blood, then they hit him again and both of them held his head under the water, THEN the husband took a gigantic claw hammer and buried the claw end in his skull,  finally ending him. I loved the moment when the husband and wife, while holding the monster’s head in the sink, make wordless eye contact. An agreement that they are doing the exact right thing:  no mercy. This motherfucker dies.  They killed the SHIT out of him. I love payoff scenes when an antagonist is so vile and has done so much damage to the protagonists that several family members/victims all kill him/it three different ways in quick succession, because just one person doing it and one method of death is not enough payback. See the impressive, brutal Mother’s Day  remake (2010)  for another satisfying example.

Oh fuck it, here’s the scene-and it’s even uglier than I remember. Plus, Aaron Paul must have been exhausted  by the time they wrapped. At the very least, his throat was probably killing him …that was a lot of screaming to do.

July 2012 Site Updates and News

So, I made some changes recently (more are on the way,  expect another July 2012 update soon). Some of them were actually successful!

First, I coughed up a little extra money for a URL change and a customization option. Both have already been worth it. The main changes you’ll see are…

  • A simpler theme–See that header with all the names, titles, and references? Those are some of my happiest 80s horror boom memories, and ones that I’m still very passionate about. I plan to explain/justify/reference every item listed by the end of the year-some will be complete blog entries, some shorter.. Yeah yeah, I know, best way to make God laugh is to announce your plans, but I did meet my goal of writing at least 25 solid posts I was proud of (a little) before I bothered doing any kind of promotion or sharing the blog URL to more than three people.
  • Also, as part of my ‘less is more’ advice*  I changed the sidebar. Instead of listing all the categories and subcategories (over thirty of them as of this writing) in a big-ass row at the top of the sidebar, I caved and replaced it with a drop-down menu of categories.
  • I did add a ‘category cloud’ feature at the page footer. The cloud just looks cool to me. For some reason I get nervous when the categories aren’t straight-up listed. So please use the drop-down menu for categories, by all means, because it was loved making sure I hit them all and added some fun ones like, “Here Go Hell Come”, “That …just …no.” and “It’s Just So Wrong” (no explanation necessary, though I took it from an interview w/Michael Chiklis and Shawn Ryan talking about choosing the title for the much-missed, much kick-ass crime series The Shield and Chiklis said  more than once that the tagline for the whole series should be the aforementioned phrase – The Shield: It’s Just So Wrong.
  • The “Search This Site” option is now right up by the header that I kinda bragged about earlier in the post.
  • I recently started a Twitter Account for Horror Boom (#HorrorBoom) , and I have the most recent tweets) on the sidebar.
  • Sooo, if anyone digs Twitter, I’d dig it if you’d “Follow Me” (here’s an extra button for that, though it’s w/the updates/sidebar too). I almost never sent out for than one a day, so you wouldn’t have to deal w/a dozen updates in a day. I do try to be discerning and only pass on stuff I think people would like news on (like American Horror Story S2 casting, or a link to the really twisted new batch of Crossed cover art). Also, I warn you if it’s going to be “NSFW” (since I have to keep the word count down and get creative condensing it) or unusually graphic.
  • For fun, I added some polls to posts. OK, two of them, but still, plus more are coming.
  • I started using the “featured image” option. In late 2010 I bought royalty-free image package from Shutterstock and then forgot about it till I saw it on a recent credit card bill). No refunds, so I used it. Hope you dig them…
  • That’s it for now–happy July! Damn, did it ever get here quick.

-Mrs. Horror Boom

*mainly from my husband …who should certainly know since he has over twenty years under his belt working (very successfully)–as a Mac operator (starting back when they called it “desktop publishing’) doing expert graphic design, pre-press formatting, and creating and polishing up documents– among other things– that it’d take me at least a year of studying to learn how to do myself