Put Zombies Back – Very Entertaining “Drop DISH” Campaign

I was getting a little tired of seeing the “not available on Dish” subtitle before every episode or promotional clip for Breaking Bad. I guess some kind of good karma came around from my frustration, and THIS awesome spot (with some of the best gore/zombie make-up I’ve ever seen, I’m guessing Nicotero-Berger had a hand somewhere) lunged into frame. Check it out! Things have gotten very interesting (and creative).

If my cable provider tried to get between me and the new season of Breaking Bad, I’d be doing some serious biting myself.  Here’s a link to the Put Zombies Back website. It’s nice to get both sides of the story. Fuck it, I’m on AMC’s side after reading about it!  Also, could I just point out that squirrel in the video has some serious balls?