Summer Heat Wave? Get Your Chills On With Ju-On Gallery #2

Well, my cough is almost gone, but I have a strange, unpleasant style of hangover from being on over-the-counter cold/cough medicine for over a week. I felt more or less normal when I took it the first week (probably because I made sure it didn’t have any of the crystal meth ingredients ending in “phrine” in it before I put it in my body the first time).  I took two of the tablets (supposed to take one of these doses every 4 hours) on our way to go see Magic Joe Manganiello  Magic Mike *,  and during the closing credits of the movie I suddenly began to feel very weird and nervous.*  Then I discovered (in the tiniest print ever) on the instructions the words do NOT use for more than seven days continuously. Since I was on day 8 or 9, that explained that. Well, shit. I immediately ‘discontinued’ the cold/flu remedy (also per the instructions). Since I stopped about 36 hours ago, I’ve felt better flu-wise (other than a nagging, dull rebound headache from all the Tylenol), but all cloudy and fuzzy, and not the good kind of dreamy-cloudy that seeing the routines in Magic Mike (which was definitely not caused by any kind of chemical unless you count hormones) and mentally clumsy, clunky, and foggy. I was barely able to follow the plot of the regular Thursday new installment of the free web comic Crossed:Wish You Were Here;  the weekly series is very twisted, but not overly-complicated.

…it’s been pretty warm out lately, and just looking at many of these may give someone the illusion of the temperature dropping. I didn’t know it was possible to get goosebumps in 80 degree heat, but apparently, that’s where Takashi Shimizu and of course, Ms. Takako Fuji come in to lend a hand!

I’m surprised I even pulled this intro together. My IQ took a significant drop. I just realized I kept meaning to watch the two sneak preview clips on for this Sunday’s True Blood, but never quite screwed two brain cells together long enough to do it.  Hooked as I am, that never happened before (that I can recall, my memory is worse than usual, too). When I tried to write something more complicated than a retweet. I could barely finish my sentences in my own head. I have a couple reviews of movies that turned out to be terrible almost ready to “press”***, but I don’t want to post two negative reviews in a row. So until my slow-witted head clears up, I have another Ju-On gallery I put together.

Now would be a good time to GTFO, Kobayashi…

I don’t own the rights to any of the stills from the Japanese movies themselves, I just think they’re amazing …and creepy as shit. Also, it’s been pretty warm out lately, and just looking at many of these may give someone the illusion of the temperature dropping. I didn’t know it was possible to get goosebumps in 80 degree heat, but apparently, that’s where Takashi Shimizu and of course, Ms. Takako Fuji come in to lend a hand!

From the original TV movie, aired in Japan in 2000.

This time, I also included some very unsettling images from the two Ju-On movies: Ju-on: Shiroi rôjo  (The Grude: Old Lady in White) and Ju-on: Kuroi shôjo  (The Grudge: Black Ghost).   These were filmed in 2009, and weren’t released in the US until 2011 as a package deal: Ju-On: White Ghost/Black Ghost. They aren’t direct sequels, and only one member of the Saeki family makes an appearance, but they definitely take place in the same universe as the rest of the Ju-On series.  Kayako may not show up (unless you count a very distinctive croak/death rattle, but I still found both movies (especially the first) badly frightening. Oh, and at some unknown point, I learned how to mimic the Kayako ‘death rattle’ perfectly. Not in time to scare anyone else with it, just enough to give myself a nightmare that I was imitating the noise while surfing the net, stopped, then heard it coming from behind me. Then I bolted awake! I fell back to sleep in less than a minute …but I think it says a lot about the staying power and effectiveness of a true horror movie when you get a nightmare based on it after you haven’t even watched it in months. That’s during cheerful daylight, with my husband reading the paper in the next room. And I jumped …then decided I was sitting much too close to the TV.

From the “Black Ghost” second half of the recent Ju-on: White Ghost/Black Ghost (2009)

One of Toshio’s two “cameos” from Ju-On: WGBG (2009)

The first of several genuine jump scares from Ju-On: Old Lady in White (2009)

From the English version (I know, duh) 2004

“Kayako Descending a Staircase”

More galleries to follow…

*which my husband very courteously treated me to for Independence Day, since I was way too sick to see it opening weekend (which is saying something, since I’d been counting down for a couple weeks–if I’d been on top of my game I probably would have seen the midnight preview). I gave it 8/10 on IMDB– minus a star for not using more featured footage of “Dick Ritchie”  ripping his clothes off  performing  onstage, minus another for predictable scenes of nearly every cinematic Downward Drug Spiral Montage cliché. Any of my female friends within driving range reading this, I’ll be happy to see it again with you!

**I don’t like feeling jittery, I’m on anti-anxiety meds in the first place for a reason.

***Don’t watch Bah Ni Lola 2. That piece of …just …NO. I’ve seen scarier (and much more entertaining) Scooby Doo episodes.  If you feel like seeing a horror/ghost movie from the Philippines, just watch ANY Shake, Rattle and Roll franchise entry (I haven’t seen them all, but even though I’ve seen a couple lousy and/or cheap-o segments,  all three-four stories the one you are watching contains cannot possibly be as bad as Bah Ni Lola 2) or better yet, Feng Shui. So far that’s the only one I’ve wanted to watch again, and my appreciation of it has grown significantly after wasting my time and patience with BNL2. UGH.

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