July 2012 Site Updates and News

So, I made some changes recently (more are on the way,  expect another July 2012 update soon). Some of them were actually successful!

First, I coughed up a little extra money for a URL change and a customization option. Both have already been worth it. The main changes you’ll see are…

  • A simpler theme–See that header with all the names, titles, and references? Those are some of my happiest 80s horror boom memories, and ones that I’m still very passionate about. I plan to explain/justify/reference every item listed by the end of the year-some will be complete blog entries, some shorter.. Yeah yeah, I know, best way to make God laugh is to announce your plans, but I did meet my goal of writing at least 25 solid posts I was proud of (a little) before I bothered doing any kind of promotion or sharing the blog URL to more than three people.
  • Also, as part of my ‘less is more’ advice*  I changed the sidebar. Instead of listing all the categories and subcategories (over thirty of them as of this writing) in a big-ass row at the top of the sidebar, I caved and replaced it with a drop-down menu of categories.
  • I did add a ‘category cloud’ feature at the page footer. The cloud just looks cool to me. For some reason I get nervous when the categories aren’t straight-up listed. So please use the drop-down menu for categories, by all means, because it was loved making sure I hit them all and added some fun ones like, “Here Go Hell Come”, “That …just …no.” and “It’s Just So Wrong” (no explanation necessary, though I took it from an interview w/Michael Chiklis and Shawn Ryan talking about choosing the title for the much-missed, much kick-ass crime series The Shield and Chiklis said  more than once that the tagline for the whole series should be the aforementioned phrase – The Shield: It’s Just So Wrong.
  • The “Search This Site” option is now right up by the header that I kinda bragged about earlier in the post.
  • I recently started a Twitter Account for Horror Boom (#HorrorBoom) , and I have the most recent tweets) on the sidebar.
  • Sooo, if anyone digs Twitter, I’d dig it if you’d “Follow Me” (here’s an extra button for that, though it’s w/the updates/sidebar too). I almost never sent out for than one a day, so you wouldn’t have to deal w/a dozen updates in a day. I do try to be discerning and only pass on stuff I think people would like news on (like American Horror Story S2 casting, or a link to the really twisted new batch of Crossed cover art). Also, I warn you if it’s going to be “NSFW” (since I have to keep the word count down and get creative condensing it) or unusually graphic.
  • For fun, I added some polls to posts. OK, two of them, but still, plus more are coming.
  • I started using the “featured image” option. In late 2010 I bought royalty-free image package from Shutterstock and then forgot about it till I saw it on a recent credit card bill). No refunds, so I used it. Hope you dig them…
  • That’s it for now–happy July! Damn, did it ever get here quick.

-Mrs. Horror Boom

*mainly from my husband …who should certainly know since he has over twenty years under his belt working (very successfully)–as a Mac operator (starting back when they called it “desktop publishing’) doing expert graphic design, pre-press formatting, and creating and polishing up documents– among other things– that it’d take me at least a year of studying to learn how to do myself

So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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