New-Latest NSFW Trailer for Alex Chandon’s INBRED!

I’ve raved about this UK flick before (even though I haven’t seen it yet). I have yet to hear one negative thing about it, and I’ve been waiting since late 2011, so I’m even more excited when a new trailer comes out.

Whoa! Is that guy’s ENTIRE BRAIN missing along with the top of his head? That shot alone makes me want to see Inbred! It looks like right now, the film is still making the rounds on the festival circuit, where it has been consistently very well-received. Plus, the director is always friendly and helpful on the Facebook site for the movie. If you follow the link above to my previous post for the movie, there are plenty of fun links to places like the official Inbred site, and the FX house that did such a great job with the copious amount of gore.

On with the show!