How About We Mix Things Up a Little Today…

Well, the news here in Seattle has been extremely fucking scary (and sad) today*, so I thought I’d post one or two things that might make some of you who follow my little blog smile, and provide a distraction. I’ve been holding on to some funny genre-themed clips and waiting for a clever time to post them, but now is as good a time as any. So, check them out! By the way, you don’t need to be a hardcore horror fan to find the first one entertaining. Familiar with The Dark Knight (2007)? There were dozens of copycats to weed through on this one, but since it has over 18 million hits, I think this is the one.

The above video has way, WAY more hits than the actual clip of the original scene, by the way.

Next up, some ghosts that are still in training…

Finally, here’s a favorite of mine, brought to us by the Bangkok Art Director’s Association. I especially recommend this one if you’ve seen one too many creepy Thai ghost movies in a row (not a good idea to watch three almost back-to-back in one day, as I discovered after it was way too late yesterday) and need some comic relief.

It’s a call for entries for the B.A.D. awards, 2009.  Love the music sting!

*while I was checking to see if there had been an update on the shootings, I saw a link to another news story. When I first glanced at it and registered the headline, my tired brain started to inform me that I was on the wrong window, and had stumbled across some viral marketing for an upcoming horror movie. Maybe for a Crossed prequel, perhaps? Wait, did one of our kittycats walk all over the keyboard when I was looking away and happened to hit the bookmark for I checked out the link and even after the shocks in the local news today, my jaw really dropped. It re-enforced my decision that Miami was not somewhere I wanted to travel. Ever. Sorry, but fuck that place. This happened IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY, in a public area. If you need cheering up, please re-consider reading the story, at least for today. If you think you’ve seen/heard it all  (and you’ve now been warned about disturbing content contained in these links), or maybe you’ve been having too many pleasant dreams lately and want to mix things up a little tonight with some nightmares, here’s the link to the article that sounds like the intro to a zombie apocalypse film or novel. There’s an actual Hannibal Lector reference. This is the kind of news story that makes you (or at least me) hopefully, briefly wonder it were April Fool’s Day. Caused by cocaine psychosis or not (my money would be on PCP), I’m pretty sure witnesses are going to need therapy. What I find equally unsettling are the 12K of Facebook “likes” on the story. Heeey! Check this shit out, yo! Really? Thumbs up on the face-eating story? I’m going back up to re-watch the comic relief videos above. If you’re in a morbidly fascinated mood, here’s a follow-up article, and yes, this time the writers do say the Z-word.