Ten Trailers to Keep You Awake #2 – Alone

Hey, remember Shutter? Not the crappy 2008 American remake with Josh Jackson (they at least could get a “Well, At Least They Tried …Sorta” award, since I’ve seen way, way shittier remakes of Asian horror movies). Nope, the 2004 original from Thailand, which remains to this day one of the most frightening movies ever made;  I also doubt that I’d get much argument from anyone who has seen Shutter. The movie Alone (the trailer to follow) is the work of the same creative team responsible for Shutter.

I don’t recommend watching this trailer for Alone (or the movie either) if you’ve in a jumpy mood…

That trailer will be showing up on this list,  believe me. Also, probably on my top ten scariest movies ever made list later on. I bring up Alone as the next trailer for a couple of reasons.

• It’s about conjoined twins (sound creepy yet?) and hey, two conjoined sisters=Two out of Ten on the list (yes, you can say it, I’m a genius). Seriously though, this list of Ten Trailers To Keep You Awake is, BTW, not in any special order of scariness; all ten are great if you’re worried you might fall asleep too early.

I don’t recommend watching this trailer for Alone (or the movie either) if you’ve in a jumpy mood…

Couple things, including what triggered the memory of the creepy, creepy, very creepy trailer:

I’m trying to just split them up so all the J-Horror, K-Horror, and T-Horror aren’t clumped together, and try to vary them in the list, and at least alternate between supernatural horror and non-supernatural horror. I could easily comprise this entire list of creepy Asian horror trailers, but like I said, variety and bla-de-bla. Things to keep in mind as of this writing…

  • I saw on the pilot of the series Monster Man (which I am happy to have discovered and is much more up a horror fan’s alley than Face Off) that Sean Cunningham is doing a remake (SIGH) called “The Alone. The FX shop needed a certain shot of the twins separated in a messy way (not in the original, but I try to support practical over CGI effects in every way, not to mention they look WAY cooler). I did notice that SC cast Thai twin females, just like the original. I don’t think he’s going to keep their names “Pim” and Poy”, but I could be wrong. I’m such a fan of the original*, and this writing/directing team, that even though they gave very little info about the film/project (no title, nor the fact it was a re-make) I realized the second they showed the conceptual art, it had to be Alone. IMDB’d it and was right.
  • I want to point out I have nothing less than total love and admiration for  SOTA FX–you can find hours of awesome entertainment on their official website.  Check out the flash intro, then enter the site and start the fun. They have a kick-ass sizzle reel!
  • That in turn reminded me how the trailer (let alone the movie) scared the hell out of me.  After I saw the trailer I looked high and low for a (legal) copy to rent/buy, and ended up watching the movie a couple of days later on You Tube.
  • I watched this trailer on my laptop, after dark, only one still awake in the house and in a dark room. I was smart enough to mute the soundtrack because I wasn’t feeling especially relaxed, and I knew what the team behind Shutter was capable of. I also had the common sense to NOT continue and watch the movie that night and to hold off till the next day, when it was nice and bright out. Still creepy as hell.
  • The first trailer I posted for this suddenly stopped working. Then I put up a version of the trailer in Thai-no English subtitles (my rationale was that you do NOT need them to have the crap scared out of you …or know what’s going on). It’s not the dialogue that makes this trailer scary as shit. Then I found a working copy WITH English subtitles, ta-dah!

So, to sum up, a great, very unsettling (that’s an understatement) unique film. If this trailer scares you, the actual movie Alone will scare the snot out of you.

From the movie “Alone”.

Again, I don’t recommend watching this trailer (or the movie either) if you’ve in an anxious or stressed mood, and if you even feel like you *might* be on the verge of a panic attack, you may want to seriously consider holding off till daylight.

I’ll do the review/full piece later,  but until then, here’s the trailer for Alone.

*Alone, and Shutter too. Just trying to focus on Alone and not start raving about Shutter, partially because I need to get some sleep tonight.

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