Trailer of the Week- INBRED (2011)

I am 100% there for this flick when it gets a U.S. release. OK, by ‘there’ I mean if it plays within this area code, which it very well may do. First, , a few months back, I saw a teaser trailer that looked really cool, with at least one awesome FX shot. After I saw the teaser, I hastily looked it up on IMDB, and found nothing but information that made me want to see Inbred even more, including the information that Inbred was ‘gory fun in the tradition of Dead Alive‘, * that the gore consisted mainly of practical FX from this cool-ass company  (check out their demo reel and Make-Up Effects showcase pics …unless you’re already feeling a little queasy), was politically incorrect, had a great tagline (“They Came In Peace, But Left In Pieces”) …not to mention loads and loads of positive reviews and comments (genuine reviews, not bullshit ones that were clearly left by someone who was officially connected or worked on the movie, either). Best of all, it appeared to be made by horror fans for fellow horror fans. In my experience, when the flick was indeed made by fellow horror enthusiasts– I’ve learned to spot the posers– they almost always turn out to be pure motherfucking gold.

I have no idea what the carrot is going to be used for, but it can’t be wholesome.

At that point the only official site was a Facebook page, and after I was approved to be added to the group, I double-checked the plot details and started posting as a fictional character who wanted to visit Mortlake (the name of the sociopathic village the movie takes place in)  with a group of students. The administrator then proceeded to reply in character, and spurred on my numerous ‘likes’, there was a series of fun exchanges. I only stopped because I was worried someone might think I was clueless enough to think that the village in the movie did in fact exist and was in fact trying to set up a road trip there, which is why my later comments included the 😉 WINK! emoticon. It was nice of them just to reply personally and thank me for my support of the film, as I’ve connected with/written to indie/unrated horror movie sites and only one other I can remember bothered to thank me. I just wish I could be writing a review instead of posting the trailer and trying to help other horror fans find it …because that would mean I DID NOT HAVE TO WAIT ANY LONGER TO SEE IT!  If you like the trailer and are anywhere near as psyched as I am to see Inbred, I highly suggest checking out the fresh new official Inbred site, signing up for the mailing list, official Facebook group page, or whatever else you can find. Since I’m the only one who works/writes on HorrorBoom, and I unfortunately can’t devote full-time to it because I have to earn an income to at least break even on the bills, I can’t promise any breaking news updates (I recommend Dread Central for news updates, and in general) and you’ll hear release dates faster from the film-makers than you will from me. Here’s the expanded red band trailer for INBRED.

OK, I don’t know if it’s an official red band trailer, but I do know you won’t see some of these shots in a mainstream trailer!  I have no idea what the carrot is going to be used for, but it can’t be wholesome. I hope to be posting updates about this movie –for example, how to go see it or obtain a copy for purchase. Oh, I should also point out that the caps in the title are mine, not the movie-makers trying too hard. I just thought it looked sorta cool in caps, that’s all.

*BTW, I’ve seen movies that come close to the wonderful practical FX, not to mention movies that also contain an over-the-top amount of gore (Hatchet II is high up there, but Dead Alive still tops it), movies with more disturbing, frightening gore (Inside), the goriest R-rated movie I’ve seen in a theater that I was actively shocked by (Pirhana 3D, and I still don’t know how they got away with what they did …not that I’m complaining. At one point I think my Real-D 3D glasses came off my head. They didn’t even BOTHER releasing an “Unrated Cut”, which 90% of horror movies that had a theatrical R-Rated release do automatically.  You know, with the DVD box boasting Deleted Footage Too Gory for Theaters!). However,  the Dead Alive uncut version with an extra 30 seconds or so of gore than the Unrated festival version, still stands decapitated-head-and-skinless-shoulders above the others. My experience of seeing it at a midnight showing in 1992 at the Seattle International Film Festival (on one of the best dates of my life, might I add) was so fucking fantastic that it deserves an entire piece. So does Pirhana 3D, now that I think of it, but Dead Alive still holds the bigger place in my heart.