Better Late than Never! Creepiest Scene in the flick…

..Happy Birthday to Me! If you haven’t seen this 1981 horror gem yet and don’t want the ending/climax of the movie spoiled, then move along, nothing to see here.  If you haven’t seen HBTM  yet …well, you really should do it now (especially if you’re an ‘old skool’ 80s horror movies fan). THEN come back for the clip!   Seen it? Kick back and re-watch this end scene.

Aaaaand maaany moooore…. was that cool, or what? What, now? What’s that you said? You hate 80s horror movies? Then you sure as hell came to the wrong blog! Side note: I miss those specific titles they gave to movies (though there’s been a few cool ones– Drag Me to Hell, Gingersnaps, and the upcoming Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter come to mind.  There’s exceptions to this rule, but I’ve noticed the ones with vague and crappy titles like The Happening, ATM, Wolf Creek, The Guest, and zzzzzzzz–whoops, sorry, I dozed off there—are attached to a vague and crappy movie.  Just saying.

So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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