Trailer of th–CHOP!

Yesterday Netflix did something to make me smile instead of making me curse at them in frustration (more on that later): sent the movie I’ve been waiting over nine months to see in a timely manner so that it showed up in the mail the same day it was released. Truce, Netflix! I resisted the urge to tear the mailing sleeve into confetti to get my hands on the DVD inside, opened it neatly, and put the DVD of The Woman (way more on that later) in the player. Then I saw a trailer entertaining and funny enough that I actually Googled it for the basic details– the release date– before I hit PLAY on the DVD menu. I keep an eye and an ear out for all genre releases, but this one snuck in under my radar. If I’d just read the IMDB description/synopsis, I wouldn’t have been impressed …but the trailer was enough to impress. I’m pretty sure it’ll at least make you smile.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Deadgirl (other than the scene where two would-be rapists get the living shit kicked out of them by their intended target the second she realizes what they’re trying to do– that was so satisfying I watched it three times in a row) but Trent Haaga was funny enough in the trailer that I’ll give it a shot.

I’ll give this one a chance. Shockingly, Netflix not only doesn’t have a current copy for rental, but they don’t even have a release date (“Unknown”). That means the movie I’m looking for is almost certainly available somewhere else, just not on Netflix, so at the least, that’s good for a capsule review later. Off to I go… I’ll let you know whether all the best bits are in the trailer or not (I give it even odds).

So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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