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“That Guy Dick Miller” — Check out an Exclusive Clip on from Documentary on Cult Actor (VIDEO)

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We have no idea how we missed this, but here it is now. The earliest thing I remember seeing Dick Miller in –in the movie theater, that is– is The Howling in 1981 as the occult book store owner (hence the featured photo above). has the trailer for the movie …and an exclusive clip! Click ‘View Original’ to check it out on The trailer for “That Guy Dick Miller” is here too, plus the poster.  We’re so glad he’s still around… and that this documentary is here, too!

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If you’re a fan of Roger Corman or Joe Dante then you’re probably also a fan of Dick Miller, who is something of a fixture in both their filmographies.

And even if you’re not, there’s a very good chance you’re at least familiar with his face, given that the veteran character actor has appeared in more than 150 films and TV shows, including The Terminator, both Gremlins movies, and Star Trek: Next Generation.

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‘Zombeavers’ director Jordan Rubin on his dammed horror-comedy — EXCLUSIVE NSFW IMAGES (

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OK, I’m not saying this doesn’t look ridiculous, but it also doesn’t look half-bad. I’d rather watch prosthetic creature effects over half-ass CGI anyway. Plus, Bill Burr is in it, and he usually doesn’t sign on to act in shitty movies (or TV series – case in point, Breaking Bad) and he’s also funny as hell. Check out the photos (at least one is really gory; I almost used it as the ‘featured image’ but chickened out at the last second) and the trailer. Director Jordan Rubin also digs 80s horror and says in the article that “I would say it’s a horror movie in the traditional, ‘80s-sense… it’s played completely straight in the face of the ludicrous conceit, which is obviously complete insanity.” So far, so good. (Click on “View Original” to check out all the gory pics and the fun trailer)

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What do you get when you cross chemical waste with beavers? The answer is the horror-comedy Zombeavers – and Hollywood’s latest viral phenomenon. The trailer for this film about (you guessed it!) zombified beavers has racked up almost 2 million views since it debuted a couple of weeks back. “It’s cool to get the validation,” says first-time director Jordan Rubin, who co-penned the film with regular writing partners Al and Jon Kaplan. “Once something starts getting up in the hits it’s interesting to see how people go, ‘Oh, we might have something here.”

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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Tom Savini’s Death Island movie campaign on Indiegogo

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Tom Savini applies make-up to Ari Lehman, crea...

Tom Savini applies make-up to Ari Lehman, creating his vision of Jason Voorhees. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a departure from the usual wargaming stuff, we go to the realms of movieland and the undead, Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for Tom Savini‘s Death Island!!

Ok, so if you don’t know who Tom Savini is, you might as well be a zombie! Serious fans of the horror genre will instantly recognise the legendary man behind this brilliant new Indiegogo campaign to raise $1 million to fund a new zombie film, Death Island.

Tom is a SFX pioneer, accomplished actor (Knightriders, Dawn of the dead (original & remake), From Dusk till Dawn) , director and producer, and this new movie will mark his return as director since he did the remake of Romero’s original Night of the Living dead. With the help of us lot, we could…

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Watch First “Curse of Chucky” Trailer – Looks Like They’re Going For Old-School ‘Child’s Play’!

We’re huge fans of Bride of Chucky, in fact, we liked the movie in the series so much we ended up buying it. Seed of Chucky, not so much;  it got way, way too meta (much as we love Jennifer Tilly) and the only reason to sit though it is to see one of our biggest heroes, John Waters, clearly having a blast playing a sleazy paparazzi and then getting a really gruesome, horrible death – that and to see the Britney Spears-look-alike die in a flaming car crash. The franchise also appeared to have been driven over the cliff and blown up.

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But in the brand-new trailer for Curse of Chucky, it looks they’re going to go back to the early Chucky movies. Catch the 80s vibe in the below trailer for Curse of Chucky – because it’s sure as hell there!

Official synopsis: He’s back! From the filmmakers that brought you Chucky comes the terrifying return of the pint-sized doll possessed by the spirit of a notorious serial killer. When a mysterious package arrives at the house of Nica (Fiona Dourif, True Blood), she doesn’t give it much thought. However, after her mother’s mysterious death, Nica begins to suspect that the talking, red-haired doll her visiting niece has been playing with may be the key to the ensuing bloodshed and chaos. The return of America’s favorite toy, voiced again by Brad Dourif, is unrated and full of more blood-splattered thrills and chills.

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 4.25.33 AM

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 4.27.04 AM

Unrated, ay? Unless it somehow manages to be as bad as Seed of Chucky, we’ll be watching it the day it comes out. Too bad we have to wait four months!

The newest installment of the chilling Child’s Play franchise, comes exclusively to Blu-Ray™ and DVD on October 8, 2013, from Universal 1440 Entertainment, a production entity of Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

Take a wild guess as to what happens next.

Take a wild guess as to what happens next.

If you want to see Chucky kill Britney that look-alike, here the scene. When they showed the trailer in the theater, I was the only one who cheered for John Waters (saying, “Oh, God Bless the little people!”) However, nearly everyone in the theater roared laughter –and there was even some applause– when her car got run off the road and blown up.

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Unsettling Trailer For Indie Southern Gothic Horror-Thriller “Jug Face” (2013) Shows Promise – Watch Here!

This one definitely caught our interest.  Chad Crawford Kinkle’s debut film, which premiered at the 2013 Slamdance Film Festival (and won its 2011 screenwriting competition), tells the story of a pregnant teen named Ada trying to escape a backwoods community when she discovers that she may be sacrificed to a creature in a pit. The entity in the pit requires a life for keeping the community safe. The face of the person to be sacrificed is crafted onto a ceramic jug. When ignored, the entity unleashes an evil onto the community. Now no one is safe as tragedy befalls each member one by one and they soon realize that the pit wants what it wants.. Check out the creepy theatrical trailer right now…

Yep, that was Sean Young you saw as Ada’s scary mother …but you may not have recognized Sean Bridgers, who starred as the deeply disturbing, horrible, shitty, ultra-misogynistic male lead (possibly one of the most vile and hated antagonists who was deserving of an especially horrible death featured in any horror film in recent years) from Lucky McKee‘s* controversial 2012 stunner The Woman. In this trailer his face is mostly disguised by his beard and glasses, and he plays a very different type of role in Jug Face.

Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 3.15.03 AM

The official website is packed full of info; Chad Kinkle gives a very fascinating account under the section titled Director’s Thoughts that cemented our interest in making sure we saw Jug Face ASAP:

The idea for Jug Face came from a trip to a southern folk pottery art museum in north Georgia. My wife’s aunt and uncle live just up the street from the newly built museum and wanted to take us by. The pottery that I found there was surprising.

Is This ...THE Jug Face?

It wasn’t the bowls or dishes, it was the face jugs that caught my attention. They were basic jugs but with ugly faces on them that were used to store moonshine and poisons for farming. I was immediately attracted to the disturbing, grotesque expressions of the faces.

As I watched a video of a potter in overalls talking about making face jugs, I saw in my mind a possessed potter with white eyes standing in a pit. Then I saw the potter craft a face jug with a girl’s face on it. I knew that it must be the face of someone from the community that the potter lived in. That the pit wanted her to be sacrificed.

The idea captured exactly what I focus on in my films; a southern gothic literature feel mixed with the eighties horror movies that I grew up watching.

SOLD!  Jug Face will be available on VOD in just a few days – July 8th, to be exact. A theatrical release will follow on August 9th via Modernciné’s new distribution outfit, Modern Distributors.. The film stars Lauren Ashley Carter (also in The Woman) as Ada. Besides the considerable talent mentioned above, Jug Face also features Larry Fessenden, Daniel Manche, Chip Ramsey, and Kairlin Cullum.  

Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 3.09.49 AM

*Lucky McKee also executive-produced the film (another good sign) along with Arrien Sciltkamp and Loren Semmens.


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Peep This Review Of Hemlock Grove, Now Available From Netflix –

So, until we get our review together, check out this review–from the NY Times, no less– of the first three episodes of the series (which incidentally ends with the “You got to be fucking kidding me” line after the first big werewolf transformation, which you can peep here on Horror Boom). Click on the big red link below to check it out–more to come!

‘Hemlock Grove,’ Online From Netflix –


Nicotero/Berger and KNB - still the best practical effects in horror flicks.

Nicotero/Berger and KNB – still the best practical effects in horror flicks.

We’ve seen all the episodes. Is it worth your time? We have an article coming up with pros and cons. Until then, though there’s this: we found out (only through the end credits of Hemlock Grove, not the IMDB) that KNB/Nicotero-Berger FX did the prosthetics and practical make-up effects for the transformations, and we DEFINITELY spotted their work throughout several other key episodes. Big, big selling point!

Screen shot 2013-04-17 at 7.21.46 AM

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Horror Movie Legend Kane Hodder Talks About His 2011 Autobiography, ‘Unmasked’ – Also, Don’t Miss The Gruesome, Awesome “Trailer” For The Book Here!

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This is just… well,  a couple years late, but we love this guy. Better late than never! Don’t miss watching the great, gory ad spot for the book (included with the interview). It includes a compilation of ‘blurbs’ from everyone from Tony Todd to Bruce Campbell on the genius of Kane Hodder and his iconic characters, along with a montage of some REALLY nasty,  iconic scenes and kills (including the grisly Hatchet jaw rip (well, the lower jaw stays; it’s the head on up that goes).

Originally posted on Shelf Life:

Kane Hodder has killed more than 100 people…onscreen! Now, the stuntman-turned-actor who became a horror legend playing relentless killer and hockey mask aficionado Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th horror franchise is hoping to slay readers with his autobiography, Unmasked: The True Life Story of the World’s Most Prolific Cinematic Killer. We spoke with Hodder about the book, playing Jason, the real-life accident that changed his life, and his habit of peeing in costars’ dressing rooms…

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Eli Roth On Hemlock Grove’s Werewolf Transformation, Italian Horror Connection, and Mainstream Gore (Shock Till You Drop)

 I thought about the average viewers that have watched Twilight and seen the transformation of a shirtless guy walking by a tree and transforms.  Our idea of a transformation is Rick Baker and Rob Bottin.  So, we’ve got to do something modern that’s in the classic tradition.  It has to be a violent birth, I want it to eat its placenta after and Deran was into it.  It should shake off all of the blood and goo.  And that’s how we approached all of the kill scenes.

-Eli Roth, on his vision for Hemlock Grove‘s werewolf transformations

Ryan Turek does a great interview (as usual) here with Eli Roth, as quoted above. We fucking agree!*   Yeah, that’s exactly what werewolf transformation scenes should look like. Click on the big red link below to read the Shock Till You Drop WonderCon interview with Roth, and get a little info on the Green Inferno cannibal flick!

WonderCon Interview: Eli Roth On Hemlock Grove’s Werewolf Transformation, Italian Horror Connection & Mainstream Gore / Shock Till You Drop.

Make up artist Rick Baker (middle) at the 2011...

Make up artist Rick Baker (middle) at the 2011 Saturn Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*OK, so personally, Mrs. HB isn’t going to complain about Joe Manganiello on “True Blood stripping off his clothing until he’s just wearing a ‘modesty sock’, then quickly morphing into an actual wolf, but that’s because GOOD LORD what a fine, fine hunk of a man. OK, uh, anyway, that’s an exception for personal reasons…


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New Photos, TV Spot And GORY Red Band Clip From “Evil Dead” 2013 (Spoiler-ish Clip)

Hey! Kept trying to find a You Tube version of this nasty, GORY clip (just try not to wince and grab your face/eye during two certain nasty shots) which, strangely, doesn’t require age verification. Also, it isn’t described officially as red band, but oh, IT IS. For one thing, several… events… that are cut from the “green band” trailer, but are definitely on the notoriously gruesome (and COOL-ASS) red band trailer are here in the clip.

Screen shot 2013-03-30 at 4.09.23 AM

Here’s the thing, it’s kind of spoiler-y. OK, we’ve all seen the images of Olivia cutting off a chunk of her face, I assume? Also, the short (creepy) clip of her face in a bathroom mirror (which is a nice twist on the classic–some might call it cliché, but we’re not feeling cynical tonight– horror movie reveal/jump where a character opens a mirrored medicine cabinet, calmly gets something out/puts it back, then closes it to reveal someone or something horrible is now behind her) made the rounds, and it’s also briefly in the trailer. Saw it? Well, now you can see them in context in this whole fucked-up horrifying scene. HOWEVER, you also see a great ‘splat-stick’ Raimi-esque gag, plus the context of another hideous shot from the red band trailer that involves a needle waaaaay too close to an eye socket (if you did a frame-by-frame watch of the trailer like we did*, you’ll know the bit we mean). Also, we see what appears to be the brutal death of one of the five main characters (doubt it works for long, but it is brutal), and who’s responsible.  Wonder if someone’s gonna walk in and find them like that?

Cool as it is, we did get that slight feeling of regret and disgust with our own impatience that immediately follows a spoiler. Not as major as when we caved and watched the mind-blowing after-credits scene, but still. So be warned: even though we’re 99% sure it happens in the first half hour of the movie, and is only the start of all hell breaking loose in the cabin, it could be a spoiler and needs an alert. Of the sites we’ve found the scene on, most have a spoiler warning of some sort from the staff before the clip.  So we offer this…

New Photos, TV Spot And Clip From “Evil Dead”. (Famous Monsters of Filmland)


you can click on this big red link above (until we can find a way to embed the clip) to see it briefly introduced by the much-more-attractive-than-they-appear-in-the-movie cast and watch the clip and get semi-spoiled, or you can also check out the gallery below of screen grabs of the clip instead… we caught all the shots showing off the blood-curdling, gruesome practical effects in it. We mixed up the order things happen in, too. Up to you! Click to enlarge any of the stills. EEK!

Also, there’s some other neat new official content if you do click on the link (you can skip the trailer, up to you). Besides, we couldn’t miss a chance to support Famous Monsters!

FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND (words and distinctive lettering design) is a registered trademark of Philip Kim, 2011.

FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND (words and distinctive lettering design) is a registered trademark of Philip Kim, 2011.

(Again, above logo is ©Phillip Kim, 2011)

Screen shot 2013-03-30 at 4.11.29 AM

*Which we don’t even consider being embarrassed of or apologizing for, and we’re proud to have achieved that level of geekiness.

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Twenty Facts About Total Recall (1990) –Including a Lobotomy– That Might Just Blow Your Mind!

What’s an article about the 1990 action/sci-fi/horror/thriller (the 2012 ‘reboot’ doesn’t really matter; I’m mainly including the year of release for clarification) doing on Horror Boom, you might ask? Well, the photo from the climax of Total Recall  used in the “featured image” above was on the cover of Fangoria in early summer 1990 (with better photo quality;  if either of us had the time and energy, we could dig through our storage area, find the hard-copy Fango magazine archive and post a photo of that, but we’d have to really  apply ourselves). Based on that horrifying Fangoria cover, the photos inside the issue, the fact that Rob Bottin did the EFX, and some really freaky things that were described but not pictured, I put it on my must-see list and did indeed see it in the theater. I was very entertained, and certainly not let down at any point. Oh, and as far as the horror factor- I’ve heard from dozens of younger fans that saw it when they were a kid and still recall having some pretty vivid nightmares. Cross-genre? Yes. Devoid of horror?  Shit, no!

Douglas Quaid: Ever heard of Rekall? They sell those fake memories.
Harry: Oh, “Rekall, Rekall, Rekall.” You thinking of going there?
Douglas Quaid: I don’t know, maybe.
Harry: Well, don’t. A friend of mine tried one their “special offers,” nearly got himself lobotomized.
Douglas Quaid: No shit?
Harry: Don’t fuck with your brain, pal. It ain’t worth it.

That actually turns out to be pretty good advice. We re-watch Total Recall  every so often; it’s still a great popcorn movie, and elaborate, often gruesome practical effects still hold up just fine. I’m not sure how one’s eyeballs (the rest of their faces didn’t look so great either) can pretty much get back to normal less than thirty seconds after being exaggeratedly bloated up from oxygen deprivation, causing them to pop about as far out of the eye socket as they can without completely exiting your skull (Schwarzenegger’s and Rachel Ticotin‘s characters were seconds away from looking like the hideous guy in the featured image) , but we’re not complaining, it’s a great effect.  To this day, though, that and the scene earlier on where Schwarzenegger somehow wrenches a tracking object that was implanted in his head, almost to eyeball level (roughly the size and density out of an extra-large gumball)  of his nasal cavity* while making horrible pained grunts still makes us wince.

SPOILER ALERTS for the 1990 movie are all over the place after the link below…

Mindhole Blowers: 20 Facts About Total Recall That Might Blow Your Mind.(


Apparently not only did I miss the fact that the ending of the movie is not quite as storybook-happy as it seems, I missed the fact there was any ambiguity about the ending or even a discussion taking place. However, the facts speak for themselves after doing my research, and now everything that seemed a little unrealistic (such as being about to shriek for over a minute without any air in your lungs), or too perfect, makes perfect sense in light of what really  happened.  If Verhoeven says the lobotomy scenario was the real, intended ending, I’ll side with the director of the movie on this. Plus, this movie has enough borderline headache-inducing mindfucks in it already without going back and forth on it for months… though I very much respect the fact it’s still open for discussion among fans, writers, geeks, and critics alike after over two decades. Oh, and the dream/lobotomy scenario explains the two lead character’s faces going back to normal–their eyes weren’t even the least bit bloodshot  seconds after– that they can share a romantic, picture-perfect Hollywood kiss until that light in the background spreads to fade the entire screen to white.

I remember this hooker whose image probably made most of the males who saw it wish they had three hands pretty well...

Most people who saw the movie remember this hooker, and if they are male, also wishing they had three hands.

I also wish they would put out a restored edition, with all the graphic violence they had to censor to avoid an X-rating put back in. OK, it wouldn’t be an X-Rated version of Total Recall, as cool as that sounds, it’d be Unrated, NR, NC-17, of more likely released as “Special Director’s Cut” these days. I’d still go out of my way to see it.

Screen shot 2013-01-12 at 2.03.03 AM

I actually repressed this horrifying character’s image until I re-watched the movie today, though.

Check out the linked article above for more facts that might blow your mind. Unless you wrote the article (or a similar one) I’m guessing more than a few of them will probably surprise you.

Screen shot 2013-01-12 at 2.55.07 AM

We do NOT own the rights to this image (or any images in the article) of Arnie from Total Recall. Gee, I wonder why some kids who saw it had some slightly disturbing dreams?

*IN YO FACE, CGI! The practical effects in this 1990 movie are amazing. Oh, I know there’s digital FX in the movie and composite shots (though I don’t think composite shots, especially the way they were done back then, qualify as digital). I’m just saying that Total Recall’s  practical FX, much like Bottin’s practical FX in John Carpenter’s The Thing  and almost all of The Howling,  to name a few, hold up to this day without looking phony (unless you’re seriously jaded). I’m not totally anti-CGI, but my belief is: only use it when a practical effect isn’t possible.